Thursday, February 9, 2023


Thursday, February 9, 2023

Kerala cannabis worth Rs. 33 million held by Navy in Mannar

Naval patrols conducted in Sand Banks, Mannar and the beach area of Urumalai yesterday (10th July 2022) and on 09th July led to the seizure of Kerala cannabis weighing about 113 kg and 280g (wet weight).

The Navy conducts regular operations and patrols covering the sea and coastal areas around the island with the aim of curbing smuggling activities that take place via sea routes. The recoveries were made by a team of Special Boat Squadron personnel and Marines attached to SLNS Thammanna in the North Central Naval Command during separate patrols conducted in Mannar Sand Banks and Urumalai Beach today (10th July 2022). Accordingly, about 105 kg (wet weight) of Kerala cannabis in 24 packages and another parcel of Kerala cannabis weighing about 04 kg (wet weight) piled up on the beaches of Sand Banks and Urumalai were seized by the Navy.

In addition, a Inshore Patrol Craft attached to SLNS Thammanna held another parcel containing about 04kg 280g (wet weight) of Kerala cannabis floating at sea, during a patrol conducted off Mannar Sand Banks on 09th July 2022.

It is suspected that the smugglers may have abandoned these consignments at sea, unable to bring them ashore due to regular patrols conducted by the Navy. The gross street value of this Kerala cannabis is believed to be about Rs. 33 million.

Further, these stocks of Kerala cannabis have been kept in the custody of the Navy until they are forwarded for further legal proceedings.

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