Thursday, February 9, 2023


Thursday, February 9, 2023

Welgama spoke of the attack left him critically injured on May 09

Parliamentarian Kumara Welgama today (27) spoke of the details that left him critically injured during the unrest that took place on May 09.

Welgama, his Driver and the Security Guard came under attack near the Makumbura Southern Expressway Entrance in Kottawa.

Parliamentarian’s vehicle was also set on fire during the attack.

He said; “Around three hundred people surrounded us and started assaulting me. My Driver was beaten up. My Security Guard covered me, pleading with the mob to stop attacking me, but he was dragged and thrown aside. They kept on assaulting me with clubs and batons.

“Someone said that I was the first man to speak up against Gotabaya, but others overwhelmed him by claiming I belonged to the two-hundred and twenty-five, so I had to be killed.

“The mob went on to burn the vehicle with me trapped inside. They pulled me out, undressed me, and dragged me to the pavement in my underwear.” 

According to Welgama, his life was only spared thanks to a youth from his electorate who recognised him and intervened to save his life by rushing him to the hospital in a three-wheeler.

While strongly condemning the attack, he requested forgiveness for those involved. He stated that the ‘Aragalaya’ movement, which was initially joined by decent people, was highjacked by terrorist leaders.

Welgama indirectly endorsed President Ranil Wickremesinghe by claiming that Sri Lanka needed a leader who is capable of taking control of the situation. “Dullas is a very good friend of mine, but we would have been ruled by terrorist leaders if they were in power,” he added.

Courtesy: News Cutter

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