Thursday, February 9, 2023


Thursday, February 9, 2023

Air Force clarifies truth about Soldier’s assault and kidnap

The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has made a clarification regarding a news published on social media that “A SLAF Soldier has been kidnapped and assaulted by an unknown group”.

Sri Lanka Air Force Corporal M. Y. G. R. M. L. P. Ratnasuriya atached to the SLAF base in Batticaloa was found tied to a tree in Ridhithenna area in Valaichchenai yesterday morning (28) and was taken to the hospital after local residents informed the Valaichchenai Police.

The Police also found a board written in Tamil at that place, and it said, “This is how the people who help brutal politics are killed.”

Later, an investigation was started by Valaichchenai Police, and the soldier has said that while he was returning from vacation, he was abducted by a van, tied to a tree, beaten and tried to kill him.

Due to the contradictions in the information revealed by him and the information revealed during investigation, and due to the suspicions raised about the board found near him written in Tamil, as the Police Officers who investigated it realised that it was written by a person who had no experience with the Tamil language, the Police have suspected his story and continued the investigation.

During further investigation, the Soldier has admitted that he has done this act himself.

This Air Force Corporal was so addicted to online computer gambling that he had borrowed money from fellow airmen in his base to indulge in it.

It is mentioned in the statement given by him that he had intended to commit suicide first due to failure to return the money. But he has planned this act because if he commits suicide, his wife will not receive the benefits from the Air Force.

At present, this Corporal has been arrested by the Valaichchenai Police and is scheduled to be produced in the Valaichchenai Magistrate’s Court tomorrow (29).

There is no connection of the SLAF or any other party for his action and it has been revealed that this complete process has been done by this Corporal on his own discretion. For the damage done to the image of the SLAF, this Corporal is to be dealt with legally at the end of the Police investigation according to the Air Force Law, the SLAF said in statement.

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