Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

India’s generous assistance to Sri Lanka heartening, says Commonwealth Sec. Gen.

India’s “Generous” and “Multi-faceted” assistance to Sri Lanka to help it deal with its unprecedented economic crisis is “Heartening”, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland, has said.

In an interview to the Press Trust of India, Ms. Scotland also talked about India’s prominent role in combating the global food crisis and said that the Commonwealth is working towards bringing about a more holistic approach to ensure food security.

The Commonwealth Secretary-General was in India on a four-day visit last week and held talks with her Indian interlocutors on a range of regional and global issues like climate change, post-pandemic economic recovery and ways to boost trade.

“India’s generous and multi-faceted assistance to Sri Lanka is heartening to see. It exemplifies both the spirit and values of the Commonwealth,” Ms. Scotland said.

Both India and Sri Lanka are among the 56 members of the Commonwealth which represents around 2.5 billion people.

“In spirit, we are a family of nations, and families rally to help one another in times of need. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently expressed India’s support for the quest of the people of Sri Lanka for stability and economic recovery, through established democratic means, institutions, and Constitutional framework,” she said.

India has extended assistance worth over USD 3.8 billion to Sri Lanka this year to help it deal with the economic crisis.

“The unprecedented challenges Sri Lanka is facing have required, and still require, the dedication and fortitude of its leaders as well as the support of the international community,” Ms. Scotland said.

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